Mental Health Awareness Talks

Kerry County G.A.A. Board and Kerry Mental Health Association have come together for a Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

District Boards have been asked to facilitate a presentation on the following.

(A) Building resilience in challenging times.


This talk will explain what good mental health is and how best to protect it. It will deal with stress, how best to cope with it and how one can build their own resilience so that they will be better equipped to survive these challenging times.

(B) How to identify somebody at risk of self harm or suicide and how best to deal with the situation.

This talk will inform members of the public on what signs to look out for in someone who might be at risk of self harm or suicide. It will also inform them of the most appropriate action to take if they find themselves in that situation.

The talks will be delivered by Dan O’ Connor and Ned Brosan of the Kerry Mental Health Association.

*The Mid – Kerry District Board will facilitate these talks on Thursday 21st – February – 2013 at 7.30pm in the J.P. O’ Sullivan Park, Killorglin.*


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