COUNTY SENIOR LEAGUE DIVISION 2: ROUND 5: KILCUMMIN V GLENFLESK:  This game was played in misty conditions in Kilcummin. The opening half opened with a Glenflesk point from a Damien McCarthy free in the first minute, which was cancelled out by the only score from play by Kilcummin in the opening half from DJ. Fleming, from an assist by Ritchie O’ Connor and Eamon O’ Donoghue. In the 3rd minute Glenflesk added a point from Jeff O’ Donoghue in the 7th minute and DJ. Fleming added a Kilcummin point from a free in the 8th minute. Shane Dennehy added a Glenflesk point from play in the 16th minute and their dominance was rewarded in the 18th minute with a Jeff O’ Donoghue goal, with good support from John B O’ Donoghue, and Damien McCarthy followed up with a pointed free in the 23rd minute, Ollie Favier added another point for Glenflesk from play in the 25th minute, with Eamon O’ Donoghue rounding off the half with a pointed free for Kilcummin in the 30th minute to leave the interval score Glenflesk 1-3 Kilcummin 0-3. Second Half. Kilcummin introduced Kerry minor Gary O’ Leary for John Devane at the interval and he had a good Kilcummin point from play in the 1st minute. Glenflesk had points from Damien McCarthy (free) and James O’ Sullivan (play) in the 4th and 11th minute. Sean B O’ Doherty replaced John Devane in the Kilcummin forward division in the 12th minute, but Kilcummin were struggling to penetrate the Glenflesk defence. Kilcummin added a DJ. Fleming point in the 13th minute from a free, which was cancelled out with a Damien McCarthy free in the 15th minute, and he added another from a free in the 17th minute. Glenflesk introduced Kieran A O’ Donoghue for John C O’ Donoghue in the 18th minute, and Kilcummin introduced Paul O’ Donoghue for Ben Brosnan. Glenflesk continued to dominate proceedings and Jeff O’ Donoghue topped over a point from play in the 23rd minute to lead 1-10 to 0-5. Michael O’ Sullivan replaced Kieran O’ Donoghue in the Kilcummin defence in the 24th minute, and Tommy Cooper replaced Damien O’Leary, as Kilcummin fought to contain Glenflesk. DJ. Fleming kept Kilcummin in contact with a pointed free in the 28th minute, and Sean Brosnan sallied up from defence to tap over from play in the 30th minute to leave the score 1-10 for Glenflesk to 0-7 for Kilcummin. Kilcummin pushed forward and had a goal disallowed in the 31st minute.

Glenflesk added a good Ollie Favier point from play in the 33rd minute, but as Kilcummin pushed forward they were awarded a penalty in the 35th minute which was converted by Chris O’Leary to leave the final score Glenflesk 1-11 Kilcummin 1-7. Best for Glenflesk was Seamus Moynihan who dominated and controlled the defence, with Michael O’ Donoghue providing good support, while up front Jeff O’ Donoghue, John B O’ Donoghue, Damien McCarthy and James O’ Sullivan were best.

Kilcummin will be disappointed with their performance overall and while Damien O’ Leary impressed early and Gary O’ Leary when introduced at the interval improved matters it was a disappointing day for Kilcummin as they face into a county championship battle with Legion in 2 weeks.

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